Our Policy


Danaher Drive Medical Centre is an Australian practice and an Australian website.
It provides access to this website free of charge to provide information in relation to its Services, Doctors and Appointment Information.
The sole authorized use of the website is to obtain information about Danaher Drive Medical Centre.
Danaher Drive Medical Centre retains its respective trademarks and copyrights on all the text, graphics and content on this website.

No reproduction of any part of the website may be sold or distributed for commercial gain, nor shall it be modified or incorporated in any other work, publication or website, whether in hard copy or electronic format, in any manner whatsoever. The information on this website has been included in good faith and is for general purposes only. It should not be relied upon for any claims by whatever name called, for any specific purpose and no representation or warranty is given as regards its accuracy or completeness.

Online Policy:

General practices are increasingly using electronic communication to correspond with patients and other health professionals.
Our practice’ electronic communication policy for use with email, SMS, internet and social media will help protect the security of patient information and the practice.

Fees Policy:

Applicable for the following:

  • Treatment room procedures
  • Medical reports
  • Certain treatment room procedures like suturing and skin excisions
  • Work cover consultation until their claim is approved
  • Patients who do not have a valid Medicare card will be charged as private patient.
  • You will need to attend an assessment appointment before we undertake any cosmetic or minor surgical procedures.

Our doctors will advise you of the price of your procedure and obtain your approval of the price and procedure before going ahead

Social Media Policy


Social Media This policy has been developed in recognition of the growing popularity of and participation in online social media.

DAHAHER DRIVE MEDICAL is supportive of team members participating in social media in their personal time to keep in touch with their friends, share information or become involved in online discussions. However, for team members who use social media either as part of their job or in a personal capacity, it is important to understand team member employment obligations when the online communication is about DAHAHER DRIVE MEDICAL, our services, team members or other work-related issues.
Social Media: The term ‘social media’ refers broadly to any online media which allows for user participation, interaction or publishing. Commonly used social media tools include but are not limited to, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, weblogs, Flickr, forums and discussion boards and wikis.

Policy Application:

This policy applies to all team members and contractors of DAHAHER DRIVE MEDICAL.

This policy does not apply to:

  • team members’ personal use of social media where no reference is made to DAHAHER DRIVE MEDICAL and/or such usage has no connection to the workplace or work-related matters; or
  • online communications published by DAHAHER DRIVE MEDICAL representatives who are specifically authorized to communicate via social media platforms on behalf of DAHAHER DRIVE MEDICAL.